The sharing of Tom and Anna – owner of the famous travel blog Adventureinyou can give you more tips and experience to save money when traveling to Europe.

“It’s undeniable that traveling to Europe is costly. We mean, when compared to traveling around other continents like Asia and the Americas, Europe can be a lot more expensive.” . However, this can be adjusted if you know tips to save money ”. – Tom and Anna.

Tom and Anna – the owner of the famous travel blog Adventureinyou give advice – tips to make the European trip not too expensive.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CHEAP EUROPE TRAVEL

1. Travel slow and flexible

One of the best money-saving travel tips, in general, is going slow. We are all in a situation where we need to get somewhere quickly or at a certain time and have no choice but to pay for an expensive taxi ride, so take the time. Time to go slow or by flexibly changing, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary expenses. If you are on a long journey without a specific time frame, choose public transportation to minimize costs. Take the bus, subway, train … just easy to observe the lives of local people, while keeping the money in the wallet.

2. Make the most of volunteer programs

Voluntary and cultural exchange programs are a great way to save on European travel, even for free! In return, you join the pre-arranged programs, sometimes it takes a lot of effort and moves quite a lot, but there are trips that do not cost money. Pay close attention to project announcements from non-governmental organizations. However, note that your English must be good to have a chance.
3. Become a ticket hunter

Airfares often cost a large, if not the largest, total trip cost. So become a genuine flight ticket expert, closely monitoring ticket discounts, ticket deals from domestic and international airlines. You will find your trip is much cheaper.

4. Reduce desire with luxurious services

Because you’re traveling – a trip where you don’t have a lot of money, so of course, you need to limit unnecessary luxury services, such as a good hotel, dinner in a big restaurant. , nail, spa … for example.

Make the most of your free breakfast (hostels and hotels in Europe are usually free of charge for guests), have a sandwich or lunch in a local small restaurant, buy groceries at a grocery store Instead of supermarkets (which help reduce the desire to shop), drink coffee in small shops. Every little bit so you will be surprised at the amount of money you save by cutting back on spending.
5. Walking in the city

Although using the bus, subway … cheaper than a taxi, but still more expensive … walking. Yes, if you take the time to walk (or use the hotel’s free bike), you will be able to visit the city in a fun and economical way. There are many great stops, bookstores, cafes, museums, beautiful architecture … you will ignore if traveling by train, taxi or bus. So don’t let yourself be lazy, brave walking – cycling will give you a much more enjoyable experience.

6. Choose flexible accommodation

You should only set up the accommodation for the first destination on your European adventure, in the following destinations, be flexible according to the schedule, budget and suggestions of the locals. There are many places that ‘think it is not so’, there are places that think it is very bad, in fact it is more rustic and cuter than imagined. The flexibility of accommodation also makes you more confident with full choices in the journey, do not find yourself passive, tedious or lose the necessary drama of a self-sufficient outing.