Aupair Program Germany – Austria

1. What is Aupair?

Au Pair is the name of a form of international cultural exchange in which young people will be able to go abroad and live in indigenous families for a year without losing any living expenses. This is a very popular program worldwide, every year hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world participate in the Au Pair program across the country.

2. What you get when living in a foster family:

– You will have your own room, private furniture and free of charge of living expenses

– The adoptive parents will be responsible for paying you: Insurance, train tickets, language and cultural courses.

– Each month you will receive a sum of Taschengeld (pocket money) for the lowest personal spending in Germany is 260, – Euro (about 6.4 million VND) and 483.5 Euro (about 12,000,000 VND) in Austria

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Aupair Program

3. The basic requirements to become Aupair in Germany or Austria:

– Age from 18-26, unmarried, no children

– Have minimum German language proficiency of A2

– Interested in German / Austrian culture and people, especially interested in working with children

4. What you get during and after the Aupair program ends:

* While participating in the Aupair program

– Have the opportunity to travel to countries in the European Union

– Make friends and meet new friends in your home country

– Participate in cultural courses in the native country

* After finishing the Aupair program:

– Exceptional foreign language

– Create a highlight in your CV → advantages when applying for jobs in the future

– Expand relationships and cultural knowledge

– Have the opportunity to stay to study in the native country

– Save yourself an expense

5. Process to become Aupair in Germany / Austria:

Step 1: Complete the registration form to join the program

Step 2: Describe your aspirations about the adoptive family → find an appropriate adoptive family

Step 3: Traverse the hill and get acquainted with the adoptive family via Skype

Step 4: Receive a contract and invitation from the adoptive family → proceed with visa application

Step 5: Get a visa, book a flight and come to Germany / Austria beautiful

6. What do you have to prepare?

1. Registration form for participation in Aupair program in Germany / Austria (students fill out when signing contract)

2. Passport

3. Health certificate with certification of not being infected with Hepatitis A, B and HIV

4. 02 photos of 3.5 x 4.5 card and many photos of privacy (clear and expressing love of children, housework, work with young children, as young and fresh as possible) (should use soft file, copy to USB when brought to the center or send via email to supporter

after signing the contract).

5. Letter to family (written on A4 paper, typed or handwritten, showing the reason for wanting to do Aupair, introducing yourself, family, as friendly as possible) (should use soft file, copy out USB when brought to the center or emailed to after supporter


6. Transcripts and certificates of German A2 or higher.

7. A resume (Lebenslauf) presented in German form