BMW M2 Competition Pack: The Very Best, Much Acclaimed In Its Category To Hire

If you spend a lot of money on a top-quality vehicle such as the BMW M2, it is only natural that, at some point, you may feel the desire to modify and personalize your purchase. In order to cater to this market for upgrades, BMW offers accessory and performance packs which car-proud customers can use to give their cars that ‘finishing touch’.

The BMW Performance Packs come in two classes: Essential and Professional. Ranging in price from about $700 upward, depending on the products ordered and the distributor, the kits can be used to customize almost any part of a BMW. Both kits will provide a great driving experience during a supercar hire.

The primary function of the performance packs is for modifying the aesthetics of the vehicle. None of the current modifications are able to increase the power of the car, but certain features can help to improve the functioning of the systems and the overall performance. Also on offer are a variety of equipment packs which have been designed to “help you customize your BMW to suit your needs and lifestyle”.

The BMW M2 is considered to be a small and loveable car when compared to the other models in its range, despite its already-roaring engines and relatively sturdy appearance. For those who feel that the M2 could do with a little more beefing-up still, a new exhaust system can be purchased to make the car sound more like its peers and height-adjustable coil overs can be fitted to lower the ride height by as much as 20mm down from its current position.

Sadly, those who want a genuinely more powerful car will have to look at one of the other models in the range. But if a slightly more macho appearance is enough of an improvement to suffice, then the performance packs may be just what is needed to bring the M2 up to your expectations.

The jury seems to be out in regards to whether the BMW performance packs are value for money or not. Regardless of this fact, however, most people seem to be in agreement that the thought of being able to customize their car so easily is a wonderful offering.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BMW M2

Interior Styling Packs

BMW’s Essential Interior Styling Pack includes the M2 Performance Steering Wheel, a Gear Selector, a Handbrake Grip, and LED Door Projectors. The professional Interior styling pack also contains an LED Door Sill Cover, an Alcantara Armrest and Interior Trim.

Exterior Styling Packs

The Essential Exterior Styling Pack includes M2 Performance Kidney Grills (in black) and a Rear Spoiler. The professional pack also includes Side Sill Trims and Decals, a Rear Diffuser, a Front Splitter, and 19”, 20” or 21” Alloy Wheels (the size being dependent on the model of your car).

Exhaust Performance Pack

The Exhaust Performance Pack contains an M2 Exhaust System and Tailpipe Trims made from either carbon or chrome.

Track Pack

The Track Pack contains an M2 Performance Steering Wheel with a Race Display, a GoPro Holder Track Fox, a GoPro Holder Travel and Comfort System and a Drive Analyser.

If your looking for the ultimate driving experience for your next supercar hire, look no further.