Menu for elderly patients

Notes on nutrition for elderly patients

As you get older, your energy needs decrease, and your ability to digest and absorb is less, especially the diet for elderly patients. Therefore, the diet of the elderly must meet all 4 nutritional groups: starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
Older people should eat in moderation, avoid overeating, especially at night before going to bed and when there is disease in the cardiovascular system.
Elderly people should eat more green vegetables, fruits, fish, reduce starches, sugar … should not eat pickles, processed foods.
Do not eat salty and limit animal fat. Find out more about plant-based foods; because if selected and properly processed will create delicious, nutritious and easily digestible dishes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Menu for elderly patients

Be careful to drink enough water, but avoid drinking much in the evening; Do not drink carbonated soft drinks, stay away from harmful substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, beer …
Because the salivary glands and teeth of the elderly work poorly, leading to difficulty chewing and swallowing food, so when preparing food to choose foods that are soft, cooked. In addition, hygiene should be ensured in hygiene and food processing.
In addition to meals, the elderly can replenish essential nutrients for the body by using additional nutritional products for the elderly such as Vinamilk Sure Prevent, helping to provide enough essential nutrients for the elderly. age, people who eat poorly and restore health to patients.
Menu template for the elderly
As people age, the human body often faces many health problems. So nutrition for patients is something to be noted, especially when caring for elderly patients. Below is a reference menu for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and fat metabolism disorders.

+ Sample menu 


Meat Broth (Soup: 150g, lean pork: 30g, carrot: 50g)
High energy milk: 1ly (150mL)
Siamese bananas: 1 fruit (110g)


Rice (1.5 cups)
Braised Basa Fish (60g)
Stir-fried Cucumber (vegetables: 100g)
Spinach soup (vegetables: 100g, potting: 50g)
Watermelon: 1 piece


Rice (1 cup)
Stewed pork with pepper (lean pork: 30g)
Stir-fried string beans (string beans: 100g)
In the diet of elderly patients, milk is an indispensable food. So when taking care of patients, you need to choose a health recovery milk for patients supplemented with natural extracts from broccoli sprouts Glucoraphanin that promote and maintain antioxidant reactions, helping the body to dig. discharges toxins, and also combines B, A, C, E vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium to enhance resistance, reduce fatigue, and sleep well. May patients recover quickly to re-integrate into daily life.