Nutrition with cancer

“Cancer nutrition” refers to foods that are likely to cause cancer. These foods are in nature no less. Through many studies, so far scientists in the world have agreed that eating more fruits and vegetables have good anti-cancer effects.

Among the scientists is Takesi Hirayama, head of the epidemiology department at the National Center for Research in Japan, who recommends eating green vegetables daily to reduce the risk of cancer. Professor Henry Joyeux in the book “Eating and Cancer” also recommends eating lots of vegetables and meals to avoid cancer. This conclusion is increasingly confirmed to be true. There is ample evidence that vegetables and fruits can block the effects of carcinogens at the cellular level.
Dietary charges of causing cancer

In recent years, there has been a growing body of research on the link between eating and cancer. Foods condemned to cause more and more cancer. Firstly, the food is added with nitrate salt, nitrite to preserve for a long time. Some foods in our country have added salt and pepper (like salted meat, sausage …) also belongs to this category because salt is also sodium nitrate salt. The scientists proved that nitrate and its breakdown products are able to combine with certain substances in the body to produce nitrozamin, which has been convicted of causing cancer. The high amount of nitrates in natural water in some places is also a germ of disaster. Not long ago, in the Hungarian region of Szabolcs Szatmar, the number of deaths from stomach cancer was high. After a thorough investigation, it was found that the natural water there was very high in nitrate content, up to 100 mg / l (the permitted standard is 6 mg / l). To prevent the disease, the Hungarian scientists must find ways to lower the rate of nitrate in the water.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nutrition with cancer

Mold foods, especially peanuts, are heavily convicted. There are several types of toxins, especially the mold Aspergillus flavus that produces the toxic toxin Alfatoxin. In addition to the harmful effects of acute poisoning, alfatoxin is also one of the very dangerous carcinogens. Just ingesting a total of 2.5mg of alfatoxin in 3 months can lead to fatal liver cancer. The Aspergillus flavus mold is found in many types of food, especially it is very fond of peanuts. In this landmark there is always this landmark. Alfatoxin toxin is very stable at high temperatures. When roasted peanuts, mold spores are killed but the toxin alfatoxin is not completely destroyed. Through research, people found that roasted peanuts at 150 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, this toxin only decreased from 60-80%. Thus, peanuts whether roasted or carefully cooked are still dangerous.

In addition to the mold Aspergillus flavus, we need to be wary of the Penicillum islandicum strain that is the main cause of rice mold. Eating moldy rice is prone to chronic poisoning, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Indiscriminate stained food not only causes poisoning but also can cause cancer. To color food, in countries it is strictly regulated, only allowed food colors are allowed. But in our country today, food coloring is very arbitrary. Many manufacturers and restaurants build dyes, paints or coloring chemicals that they themselves do not know whether or not toxic, more or less toxic to color food, drinking water, as long as the color is steamed. lead customers. These kinds of miscellaneous colors are harmful to the user, many types of poison can cause acute poisoning immediately after a meal, a little poison that does not immediately see harm, but now eat a little, eat a little apricot The accumulated volume of toxic poison will cause bad and difficult consequences such as chronic poisoning, cancer, birth defects, and foods that need to be alerted.

Many scientific studies say that long cooking oil will create carcinogens, so people are advised not to eat fried oil repeatedly. Frying pan, frying pan must be cleaned, if not, grease will remain in the tool after the next cooking time. Fried dishes such as shrimp cakes, donuts, spring rolls … need to be fried with a large amount of grease, every time the frying is done, filter out all the scraps of burnt food.

For roast meat, barbecue now also matters. Professor Henry (who received the 1985 award for oncology) said: When roasting meat at high temperatures, greasing the fat on the meat and igniting it will burn to create benzopyrene on its surface. The substance is possibly carcinogenic. He advises trying to find a way to turn the fire opposite to meat, not burning, not making bezopyrene. Scientists have also studied side-by-side grilled meat, saying the burnt edge makes it easy to create carcinogens. Our country has quite a lot of dishes of this type, which need to be acknowledged on the basis of science in order to find a better way to roast and grill.

These are foods that are likely to cause cancer, which are paid attention to by scientists, some have been convicted, some are not yet sufficiently condemning factors because there are still questions that need more research but still need to be addressed. high alert.