Referring to Paris certainly must mention Eiffel. Going to Paris without going to Eiffel would be considered to have come to the capital of light?

Surely anyone who comes to Paris will have to spend a whole day to see the Eiffel Tower, but taking pictures so BEAUTIFUL, POISON and real CHANH is not everyone can grasp. After a long time and almost every week crawling out to the Tower, I would like to share with you some angles taken with the Eiffel Tower full of love and illusion.

In this article I will divide into 3 areas:
– LEGAL TOWER (Champ de Mars Square)
– and NEARBY AREA around these 2 places.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho EIFFEL TOWER

I. TROCADERO: note that it should be taken here in the early morning, in the summer after 11 pm, the shot from Trocadero has been backlit already. Of course there will be a fix, but stop up early to be absent hehe. It was already crowded by 11 o’clock …

1 – Front:
Go straight from the metro =))) everywhere is beautiful, take the time to tell the photographer to bend a little bit high. People often take photos of leading the tower here.

2 – Statue area:
The statue is located on either side of the square, choosing a light to take a nice picture.
3 – Along the stairs: going straight down will see 2 sides along the stairs. You can pose like walking along the stairs, sitting on the railing…. The secret is if the backlight is back, go to the left staircase, slightly inclined, will just catch the sun, just the beautiful face.

II. FOOT THAP – Champ de Mars square: because of the opposite direction with Trocadero, so if you find it is too backlit, run right here to take a picture. This area is often covered by black brothers selling water with keychains, they are also friendly, don’t be discriminatory, bargaining a bit is very cheap.

4 – Front view: nothing to say much, the downside is often very crowded and everyone shoot like that, nothing special.

5 – Left edge: from the view overlooking the river, on the left there is a corner of the rocking chairs, go out there and sit and pose, super nice.

6 – Bench: take a book and read. Photos are better than ever. In my opinion, the French friends make benches very reasonable, always very nice places: ”>

7 – Keep going further away from the tower, you will see luxurious Haussmann-style houses, a few small park corners … these have the advantage of being extremely empty and very beautiful. Gold leaf season is only then…. T_T I’m hard to walk. I do not know the specific angles but rest assured you will see how life will bloom. Will note the road name for you later.
8 – Round carriage: on the foot of the tower or on the Trocadero are available. I usually shoot at Trocadero ^^
9 – Bus 72: Right on the bus 72 column, located right next to the river, I often take photos here, because it’s very empty, do whatever you want, but there are also foliage trees sitting on the bridge of the bridge is super dreamy.
10 – Iena Bridge: walk along the bridge and pose.
11 – Bridge Alma: it is very sunny here. Bringing out picnic gear here to display a virtual lifestyle is wonderful, but nobody bothered.
12 – Bir-Hakeim Bridge: this is the place of Inception filming. Typical locations of wedding photography.
13 – Metro 6. Get on train 6 right away to catch the whole hihihi moment.

That’s my secret, do you have any photo styles to life here yet.