Some best picks for cloud storage services in 2020

  1. The most ideal cloud storage services with integrated applications

In general, work productivity applications which are integrated into cloud storage services will allow users to open and edit the contents of documents directly on the browser. Options may be listed as note taking, word processors, spreadsheets, photo editors and so on.

However, it is undeniable that those applications improve the cloud storage experience very much but technology relationship between cloud storage and app developers are not close, especially in terms of cloud storage. This article is going to present some services with integrated applications which are mostly preferred by users.

The first one is Google Drive. If you are looking for a cloud solution with built-in apps for more efficiency, Google Drive must be what you choose. Google is among the few names that collaborated well with developers to build an app library with many options that are really effective for you to adopt.

Thanks to Google, users no longer have look for apps. This full app library can be searched when you use Google Drive. If you see the one you are in need of, just click to use. There are many of them which cost nothing, including Cloud Convert, Pixlr Editor, WeVideo and so on.

Nevertheless, the most popular and used one is Google Docs. Google Docs is known as a free office suite offered by Google, which is mostly misunderstood because of the word Docs. In this suite, users can enjoy Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings.

Google Docs is considered to be major rival of Microsoft Office Online. It is really easy to make use of this service. Coming with file sharing and sync features of Google Drive, Google Docs makes it more convenient to work with others simultaneously on documents.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons that may motivate you to save files in other cloud storage services such as security. Nevertheless, you are definitely able to set up a free account with Google to enjoy the convenience of those productivity applications.

The next choice is One Drive. In comparison with Google Drive, One Drive weighs less because the service has no third-party integrations to personal users like Google Drive does.

Five years ago, Microsoft released its One Drive API to developers, which led to integrations only for business purposes.

Nevertheless, this new One Drive is designed with Office Online. To be more specific, this cloud storage service is integrated with Office 365 including Word, Excel as well as Power Point. We can not ignore the Microsoft One Note, which is among the most effective apps for taking notes.

The final option in this category is Box. Box was born mainly for business users, yet the company does offer free and paid plans for individual users as well. Taking advantage of the service for personal purposes, users will have approach to both native and third-party applications.

More precisely, native apps are Box Notes and Box Edit. Box Notes, as its name refers, is a note-taking method while the second one is utilized to edit the content. In spite of the fact that it will ask to use of native apps on your personal computer, it allows you to edit them from your browser.

According to Box, any file formats that you can open on your computer can be opened with Box Edit such as .docx, .pdf and so on.

What is more, Box also provides users with a lot of useful applications for them to enjoy such benefits as collaboration, project management, editing and security. Last but not least, there are some options to opt such as Office Online, Google Docs and others.

  1. The best cloud storage services in terms of pricing

The two first points that most people take into consideration when looking for a cloud storage service is how much space they will receive and how much it costs for that space.

Currently, many users choose to take advantage of free cloud storage. It is ideal if you just need space to store a few files. However, using cloud storage may prevent you from enjoying some beneficial features and advantages.

With a paid plan, you may get more flexibility. Flexibility here means the range of price that each plan is offered. For instance, many cloud storage plans come with around 1 terabyte to 2 terabytes of storage. This may be ideal to you but others are looking for a storage with even 100 gigabytes. The services mentioned below, to some extent, are ideal when it comes to pricing.

The first choice is Amazon Drive. In the past, Amazon Drive offered an unlimited storage plan for just 60 dollars. But they stopped offering this package. Currently, they give you 1 terabyte of storage for that same price.

Of course, some users may be upset with this change because of the removal of unlimited plan. However, Amazon still provides them with many features. For instance, Dropbox and Google Drive all cost 40 dollars each year for that same storage.

In case you do not need that high amount, you can go with the plan including 100 gigabytes of storage for just 12 dollars per year. Google Drive does offer that plan but the price is 20 dollars. In addition, Amazon Drive has 11 plans for you to choose from with different storage amount.

Another service you can take a look at is One Drive. In fact, One Drive does have many storage plans as you can see with Amazon. Its plan with 1 terabyte of storage costs about 9 dollars per year. Nevertheless, users are able to enjoy Office 365, which means that they can utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access conveniently.

Finally, One Drive also offers a family plan named Office 365 Home, which is regarded as the best deal in comparison with other cloud storage services. With a 1 – terabyte plan, you and other four users can use together and each of you can take advantage of Office 365.