Supercar or Superbike: Which is More Fun To Hire?

Sports cars and superbikes are becoming increasingly sought after by the general population, but as prices skyrocket it has to be considered whether such a vehicle is really right for you, and if so, which will suit your desires better?

Superbikes are brilliant tools for getting around in traffic, even if you cannot legally ride them to their top speeds on public roads. Regardless of this, they are wonderful for queue jumping and will always get a second (often jealous) glance from the car drivers waiting in an unmoving traffic jam. Superbikes are also much more affordable to purchase and maintain than a supercar and, if kept in good condition, will continue to increase in value as time goes by. Arguably there is also the benefit for family men and women of not having to take the kids along for the ride because no-one wants to hear children over the beautiful roar of a superbike or sports car.

However, superbikes are not perfect. They may be cheaper to keep that a sports car but theft is high—due to it being easier to steal a bike than a car—and the bikes are often not designed for fuel efficiency, meaning you wouldn’t want to take it for too many long rides unless you’ve found yourself with an unexpected windfall! superbikes are also seen with suspicion by many members of the public and accident rates are high, whilst you are much more likely to be stopped for a routine check by police when you are on a bike than in a supercar.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Supercar or Superbike:

The second option is a sports car, perfect for a supercar hire. Sold with full bragging rights, sports cars are among the most prestigious vehicles you can purchase. With price tags easily double that of a superbike and many costing more than a new house, it’s easy to see why. But sports cars are a potentially lucrative investment, being both practical for families and doing a run to the shop—and tearing down the motorway in a car that will cause other drivers to hold their breath in awe. When compared to a superbike, a sports car is also harder to steal (although is more attractive to thieves than a bike) and, when maintained in good condition, some limited editions can appreciate by up to a whopping 15% with each year!

However, as previously mentioned, purchasing one of these—even a lower grade model—will set you back tens-of-thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. After that, upkeep is naturally much more costly than that of the superbike too, and not any old mechanic can work on a supercar. You may find you have to make a special trip just to get an oil change. As with a superbike, these cars are not designed to get far on a gallon; the best supercar efficiency is predicted to be approximately twelve miles to the gallon!

Choosing which type of vehicle is better really comes down to personal preference and situation. In terms of affordability, the bike is evidently the winner, but for practicality and safety, the sports car is the way to go. It is also important to consider where the vehicle can be stored—because you don’t want to be leaving one of these beauties out of the driveway!