The best cloud security picks

Another factor that is considered the most by users is cloud security. In spite of there have been a lot of information, especially warnings, in terms of cloud security, lots of users ignore the importance of this factor and consider the value better.

However, when evaluating how good or bad a cloud storage product is, it is a must to take a look at the level of security and privacy. When it comes to security, the first of noted features is encryption. To be more specific, before delivering the files to the cloud, the storage client had better encrypt the documents in order to protect them during transit. Even when they are transferred to the server safely, they should be encrypted while at rest. Most cloud storage services provide these features but not all of them. The major difference here is that some cloud storage providers keep the keys used to decrypt your files while other services will offer you the whole responsibility.

Moreover, cloud storage vendors coming with private, end-to-end encryption are known as zero-knowledge vendors. You can search for a lot of articles about the best cloud storage services with zero-knowledge encryption, which means the feature is really important.

Another thing to take into consideration is how secure a data center would be. This can be used to evaluate how effective a provider would be. Two-factor authentication is also worth noting. It is always highly recommended for you to take advantage of this feature. To be more specific, two-factor authentication will save you from having passwords hacked or attacked by others. It will ask you to enter a security code to sign in your account if you are logging in by an unfamiliar device. This code will be sent to your mobile device.


The first pick here is, which has been on the top of cloud storage services with high level of security and privacy. They do offer many ideal and valuable policies regarding safety and security for your files. If you prioritize security the most, there may be no option better than

First of all, is zero knowledge as standard. Users do not need to spend or do anything more to enjoy this effective and valuable feature. This kind of protection is applied to both file content and metadata. Even file shares are protected with zero-knowledge encryption. The vendor is not able to view or scan your documents regardless of any purposes.

They make use of 256-bit AES encryption in order to scramble your documents and folders. This type of protocol is the most popular on the current market and there are still many vendors utilizing 128-bit AES. No one is able to crack AES. It is estimated that it may take billions of years to crack the AES encryption key.

Another method to gain privacy is using password. In order to protect your data against being cracked and accessed by unauthorized users, allows its users to turn on two-factor authentication.

When being transmitted, data will be kept secure thanks to TLS tunnels and encryption keys. More ideally, saves its data in data centers which are already certified by SOC-1, which can guarantee the safety of documents in cases of natural disasters or physical attacks.

In addition to those common features, also offers two valuable things which you may not be able to find with other cloud storage services. First of all, the service will give you the permission to log out from your web browser remotely. Then it allows you to wipe folders remotely if you have already shared them with other users.

For the above factors, it is no surprising that is among the top picks when mention cloud security and privacy.

  1. Spider Oak One

The next choice is Spider Oak One. Spider Oak One is another name that specializes in security and privacy for users. Similar to, zero-knowledge encryption is its standard. This cloud storage provider does not like the idea of keeping your encryption keys or logging file metadata. What is more, its data centers are compliant to SAS 70 Type II and are controlled securely at all times.

Its data centers are tied to Uptime Institute so that availability is offered up to 99.8 percent. The company is also subject to HIPAA requirements when delivering data even when it is not certified by a HIPAA compliance officer.

The reason that may make this cloud storage provider fall behind is that it does not come with two-factor authentication for all users. Nevertheless, currently, the feature is just in beta and only loyal customers are able to enjoy this. The company has not claimed when other users can start to make use of this ability.

Last but not least, Spider Oak One allows users to purge documents from synced devices. This is really necessary, especially when your devices are stolen or lost.

  1. pCloud

The final option mentioned in this article is pCloud. pCloud is ranked third in this topic as even it has zero-knowledge encryption in its security offerings, it is not a standard. The service names this feature as pCloud Crypto, which will cost around 5 dollars a month. If you are willing to pay for a year in advance, you can save by 20 percent of the fee.

The benefit brought by zero-knowledge encryption is that users are able to manage which folders need encrypting with the private key and which folders do not. If you do not use zero-knowledge encryption, pCloud servers may find ways to view work on them for business purposes, for instance.

Moreover, pCloud encrypts files by using 256-bit AES as well as encryption keys. Similar to Spider Oak ONE, pCloud ONE has not offered two-factor authentication yet. The staff here says that they are working on this feature.

To conclude, the adoption of zero-knowledge security makes the service more ideal than some other services such as Dropbox but does not offer you the option to encrypt privately.