The best cloud storage services for music

In the past, there were many large files of music while storage was restricted. This was the time before the mp3 file format was introduced. Nevertheless, currently, millions of songs may start to take up a lot of space in your hard drive and generate a huge list in your music player. To secure these files, it is highly advised for you to take up cloud storage for music.

Because of the fact that there are too many songs, users may be tempted to take up cloud storage vendors in order to free their hard drive’s space. Thanks to the cloud storage services, users can make sure that they can access to their music regardless of any location without any problems related to malfunction, malware or viruses.

This article is going to provide you some of the best cloud storage services used for music. But first let’s take a look at how those services are evaluated.

  1. How a cloud storage service is suitable for music

First and foremost, an ideal option would be able to store as many songs as it can for a cheap price. It is necessary for you to take a look at different pricing plans. Nowadays, most cloud storage services come with a free plan or at least a trial.

Because your major purpose when using the cloud storage service is to store and work with songs, a good service would not have any problems related to uploading speed. The better the mechanism that the service comes with, the more quickly your uploading time would be.

The next feature is that you can receive your files online without too many difficulties. Streamlined user experience will support you in this case. Also, it will be much convenient if the clients can operate on desktop, web as well as mobile devices for more ease of use.

If you are a music fan, you will expect sharing activities to be fast. More precisely, users need to share songs quickly, easily and be able to share them through social media. It would be more interesting if you can invite other users to share with you. In other words, this is the feature of uploading links or group sharing.

Last but not least, you should test security features including content control, password protection, expiry dates and others.

  1. The best option cloud storage for music: pCloud

pCloud is located in Switzerland, which has been in operation for around 7 years with over 8 million users currently. Some of their clients include famous names such as Benz Mercedes World, Coca-Cola and Twitter.

In general, pCloud comes with plans for both personal and business use cases. If you want to get a personal plan, you can opt for either Premium or Premium plan, which costs around 5 dollars a month for 500 gigabytes of storage and 10 dollars per month for 2 terabytes respectively. Apart from general features, its paid plans also provide you with 30 days of file versioning with unrestricted remote uploads. If you choose to pay for a year in advance, you will enjoy some discount as well. The discount will be much attractive if you choose to pay for a lifetime license.

Regarding to speed, pCloud is rather similar to other cloud storage services. The connection to its servers are very fast, which is at about 5Mb per second. This rate is really high in comparison with other current services.

What is more, the user experience is convenient and easy on all devices while the web client comes with the most straightforward experience. Users will find it easier to navigate. There are some other features such as direct access to pCloud’s tools. The desktop client is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The mobile application can be downloaded on Android, IOS and Windows devices.

Last but not least, sharing with pCloud is convenient as well. All you need to do is just clicking the share button for your song and you can share it to the social media immediately. If you want to share it to other friends with pCloud accounts, you can add their names or send them links through email.


As you may have known, is really famous for its offerings in terms of security and privacy. The service is benefitted from the strict privacy law of Canada because its servers are located in Toronto.

If you hope to take advantage of as a non-premium user, you will be offered 5 gigabytes of free storage with its starter plan. Nevertheless, paid plans come with reasonable prices. For instance, Pro Personal plan gives you 500 gigabytes of storage for just 49 dollars a year or 2 terabytes for around 96 dollars per year.

Uploading and downloading speeds are quite fast. does not limit your bandwidth but if your Internet connection is not strong enough, you can throttle your speeds by accessing the taskbar icon.

The desktop client can work on Windows and OS X, not for Linux. Conveniently, the web client is convenient to navigate and offers approach to all features offered by Thus, you will be able to access from any operating system that you use.

If you want to share files, all you need to do is just setting up a link or sending an invite through emails. In case you want to share folders, you can invite the other users you want to share with or make a link. Those users can view and download your folder then unarchive it. What is more, you can share upload links by which other users can share their songs with you by making use of storage space.

There are many kinds of permissions that you can set to your share. For instance, you can set a password or an expiry date to better protect your links.

Finally, although does not offer a media player, it is effective when it comes to securing your audio files.