The best life insurance companies in the United States of 2020

As you can see, nowadays there are so many choices of life insurance on the market. Thus, opting for one life insurance company would be so confusing and time consuming as well. The article is going to provide you with the top life insurance companies in the United States, which is being highly recommended for this year.

  1. The best life insurance company overall: Mass Mutual

Mass Mutual ins among the oldest and the most famous life insurance companies in the United States, which outweighs other rivals in terms of policy options, coverage amounts and customized plans.

Being a mutual organization, it has paid for the coverage to its permanent policy members each year since the 1860s. Last year, the company accepted a payout of around 1.72 billion dollars, the highest amount of the company for a long time. In terms of the features, Mass Mutual sells different kinds of policies such as term, whole, universal and other plans. They provide up to 10 million dollars in coverage. Last but not least, in addition to supporting online quotes, the vendor also extends your policy with such riders as more death benefits, guaranteed insurability or care in a long term.

  1. The best term life insurance: Prudential

As you may have known, term life policies are the service that provides protection for a set period of time. This kind of life insurance is suitable for young families or people who only want coverage when they have some financial obligations.

In this case, Prudential offers four term life policies to adapt to every specific needs. All of them come with predictable premiums for easy budgeting and they can be customized easily. About reliability, the provider has always been rated with high financial strength and reviewed positively by customers. With Prudential, customers can pick a policy lasting in 10, 15, 20 years or longer if they want. They also provide a return of premium rider and yearly renewable term life policy. If you want to check your rates, you can visit their online quotes for convenience. Finally, there are some features including serious illness, disability, accidental death benefit from which you can cover your life.

  1. The best life insurance riders: Global Atlantic Financial Group

Nowadays, almost all life insurance providers let their customers customize their coverage with riders and Global Atlantic Financial Group is considered to come with the longest list currently. The vendor used to have the name as Accordia, which provides 16 riders to close any gaps in their coverage. Popular riders can be listed as a child and terminal illness rider. Otherwise you can take a look at other unique choices including a wellness for a life rider, which will give awards to policy holders maintaining a healthy lifestyle with premium discounts and additional gifts.

Members can reduce their premium if they visit the doctor only one time in every two years and stay in the weight ranged mentioned in the policy. They also sell indexed universal and funeral policies. If you decide to go with the Lifetime Foundation product, you can also extend your coverage benefits.

  1. The best for lenient underwriting: Legal and General

Many life insurance companies refuse to approve applicants with high risks. But Legal and General does not. When first being introduced, the company called it Banner Life. The vendor offers an easier approach to underwriting. In other words, it is suitable for the elderly, smokers and those who do not have a good health. Others with current bad health conditions will also highly appreciate the insurer. The company comes with both term and permanent policies. Regarding to features, the company offers up to 1 million dollars in coverage. Its priority is for term and universal life insurance. If you choose a term policy, you can convert it up to the age of 70. Last but not least, it customizes your policy with a conversion, disability, flexible payment or child riders and so on.

  1. The best company regarding to customer reputation: State Farm

In the previous year, the insurer is rated the best in the life insurance study carried out J.D. Power about customer satisfaction. This is the fifth consecutive year the company topped the list. This study evaluates different insurers each year and reviews the level of support they provide to their members as well as how fast they respond to questions or complaints.

When it comes to features, the company sells term, whole, universal as well as survivorship plans. They customize your coverage depending on common and rare riders, including an accidental death benefit and long-term care rider. Finally, they deal with policies with a clear value of up to 3 million dollars.

  1. The best senior life insurance: New York Life

It is inevitable that the elderly will have to face many challenges and difficulties when they buy life insurance policies such as costs and coverage amounts. Being a reputable insurer, New York Life bridges those gaps and provides customers with strong policies even when they are 60 years old or over. If you are seeking for a large policy, its death benefits have always been highly recommended, which is the main factor helping gain the company’s retention. Policies’ prices start from 25 thousand dollars, which is affordable for seniors with a budget or those who are not in need of a lot coverage.

  1. The best option with good experience: Haven Life

This insurer was backed by its parent company, Mass Mutual. Haven Life has been famous for their offerings in terms of instant term life policies. This company sells different policies online with a reasonable cost. If you are approved, your coverage could be done immediately, which is really convenient.

You can apply for your policy easily and quickly. All you need to do is just entering your personal and contact details then answering some questions related to your health and your lifestyle. The system will then scan your data thanks to its complicated algorithms and finally generate a suitable rate.