The important role of nutrition in the treatment of diabetes

The role of nutrition in the treatment of diabetes.

Nutrition is an important part of diabetes treatment. Providing adequate and reasonable nutrition will help increase resistance, limit complications and help diabetics stabilize blood sugar index at a safe level.

In the treatment of diabetes, the diet is the first non-pharmacological treatment and is maintained for life. Eating right will reduce the amount of medicine needed. Effective therapeutic diets not only help stabilize blood sugar according to the treatment standards, but also improve lipid disorders, which are very common in people with diabetes, helping to reduce dangerous complications.

The most important purpose of nutrition in the treatment of diabetes is to not quickly raise blood sugar, nor to lower blood sugar after a meal. The diet must ensure that it does not increase the factors causing diseases such as dyslipidemia, kidney failure, hypertension as well as support to improve health and reduce fatigue of the patient.

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Dietary principles for people with diabetes

– Ensure sufficient protein, fat, sugar powder, vitamins, minerals with a balanced and reasonable amount. Starch should be reduced in white rice and potatoes because it can lead to hyperglycemia after eating.

– Do not eat too full at meals, should divide the diet of the day into several small meals including 3 meals and 1-3 snacks. Eat meals regularly and on time

– The amount of sugar in meals must be stable (the amount of rice, noodles, potatoes, fruits) to maintain good blood sugar.

-Choose foods with low glycemic index, which can be used daily such as gourds, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, cabbage, green vegetables, cucumber …

– Processing food: avoid stewing, pureing and frying at high temperatures.

– Limit the use of foods with high glycemic index. Add fiber to your diet. You should eat the right amount of food every day to avoid deficiency, should not abstain from excessive diet to ensure weight.

– Limit eating lots of salt, harmful fats from animal fat and canned foods, processed foods. Prioritize the use of good fats like DHA, MUFA, PUFA in fish & milk specifically for diabetics.

– Limiting beer, alcohol, tobacco can cause uncontrolled blood sugar.

– Specialized milk should be supplemented for diabetics containing Palatinose, which is slowly absorbed, does not increase blood sugar quickly after eating.

Good nutrition can help prevent diabetics from dangerous diabetes complications and stabilize blood sugar. In addition, patients should regularly examine endocrinology-diabetes to be consulted by doctors about diet, exercise, change the dose of diabetes medication, early detection of possible complications. right. Through the above article, hopefully people with diabetes will have more knowledge and choose the right food for them, to help control disease better.