The secret to studying abroad successfully

Studying abroad is not only about moving to a new study environment abroad, but also starting a new life with many differences compared to life in Vietnam, within the family and many friends. Friends and relatives …

Here are some tips to help international students find a suitable school, quickly integrate into a new environment, achieve good academic results and have many job opportunities after finishing school.

You can use information search facilities like Google, go to the websites of the schools and the study abroad companies to find out about the country you want to study abroad, the majors and career prospects of the industries. It’s like the schools that interest you.

Choosing for yourself a reputable, experienced and caring international study abroad organization is very important. Choose a reliable and experienced partner, as if you have stepped one foot through the door to study abroad.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho studying abroad

Fostering English / foreign languages
Good communication skills will help you feel more confident and easier to integrate into school and daily activities. In addition to communication courses, you should take academic English training courses to improve your English language skills in a foreign study environment such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. You should pay special attention to reading comprehension skills, skimming for key ideas, writing shorthand while listening to lectures, and writing a thesis if you will study at university or postgraduate abroad.

Learn the culture, history and people in your country to study abroad

This will help you easily integrate into the new life and learning environment, namely building positive relationships with teachers, friends and indigenous people.

Prepare independent living skills

You should practice doing everything without the help of your loved ones such as going to the market, cooking simple dishes, fixing simple household appliances, cleaning your house, washing clothes, etc. If possible These things when you are at home, you will not be surprised when you have to live independently in a new environment.

Preparation of part-time skills
If you have to find a part-time job while studying to earn extra income to cover the costs of studying abroad, you need to study and if possible, practice from home. For example, if you want to teach the piano, work as a kitchen assistant, or serve in a restaurant while you study abroad, then try to try these jobs while at home, or at least find out what the job is. before.

Practice effective financial management

You need to learn how to save money and use money most effectively. Sometimes it is better to live economically to focus on re-learning than to spend time on getting a part-time job, neglecting learning and thus failing many subjects, having to pay for courses that need to be repeated and retested, or profligate spending.

You should also learn how to use credit cards, ATM cards, as well as online and bank transactions.

Hone communication skills, build relationships

The study abroad environment requires you to be able to work in groups, speak confidently in front of a crowd, be willing to discuss and defend your personal opinions. So whether you succeed in your studies or the opportunity to find a job during and after graduation depends on your ability to communicate and build relationships.

Learn methods of studying and teaching abroad
There are many differences between Vietnam’s educational approach and the country you are going to study abroad in. Understanding the differences will help you have more chances to succeed when accepting new things.

With the spirit of learning

No matter how hard you try, you cannot prepare everything well. Therefore, when faced with new things that you do not know or the difficulties and stumbles in life, welcome them with the spirit of learning.