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One of the best experiences of Epocchat’s journeys is the trip to Europe. For young people and foreign tourists, the summer trip to Europe is the most memorable memories of their lives. The beauty of Paris, smoky coffee shops in Amsterdam, Oktoberfest, sandy beaches in Greece, lots of places to explore that I cannot tell. Europe is an old continent with many historic architectures, old towns, castles, hundreds of historic churches, outstanding architecture, beautiful beaches, great wine Great, friendly people. Every country will be different experiences

Some common costs when you come to Europe:
Note: Destinations for each country will have more specific information, this article Epocchat only provides general expenses for travel.

Accommodation, hotel: Cheap motels, hotels in Europe usually range from 18 – 40 Euro per night, depending on the size, amenities and whether it is close to the tourist center or not. . If you go in a large group, you can choose to stay in hostels for tourists or dormitories. Hotels, motels here are often equipped with bathrooms, wifi, …
Food, dining: Throughout Western Europe, you can easily find convenient small food shops such as sandwiches, pizza, sausages for 4-7 euros. These stores can be found at train stations and bus stops. Some supermarkets discount as Profi, Lidl, Aldi, Penny Market where you can buy many items at affordable prices.

Transportation: Most cities in Europe use public transport such as buses, subways usually cost less than 2Euro. Taxis are often very expensive, so they are less popular. If traveling long distances, you should travel by high speed train (the price ranges around 190 Euro).

Some costs when visiting destinations: Wine discovery is undoubtedly the most expensive activity on the tour for about 90 Euro per day, going up the Eiffel Tower for 7-15 Euro, Versailles Palace Gardens will have cost 25 Euro, Tower of London around 25 Euro, tour GBP.Bike and river cruises can cost 24-40 Euro. Most museums are around 14 Euros. Day tours cost from 35-100 EUR. Different countries may have different prices.

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Some tips to save costs:
When going on a picnic: Europe often has many small convenience stores, you can buy some food before you travel like bread, sausage … avoid buying at tourist destinations. Food can be enjoyed at street stalls, street vendors are cheap and comfortable to learn many different dishes of that country’s cuisine. In addition to shopping at supermarkets, shops with discounts are also an optimal choice.

Plan an appropriate plan: Travel can cost a lot of money if you don’t have a specific plan, so have a list of intended destinations and then schedule it to avoid duplicate travel, waste of time.
Choose affordable motels, dormitories, book cheap air tickets, drink beer, picnic, camp in a garden, get discount vouchers, take a free city tour, use Passes Eurail trains to travel long distances are things that help you save up to the cost of the trip.

Experiences to try in Europe:
Vi vu throughout Paris: Discover the light city of one of the most favorite tourist cities in the world. With so many wonderful things that if you do not experience it can not be imagined.

Discover Amsterdam: There are many famous cities for coffee and red light district but make sure that when people think of Amsterdam they immediately think. The city is surrounded by many canals, the tiled roads have an ancient style when you walk around the streets. Enjoying outdoor coffee, watching the performances of street artisans is nothing more wonderful.

Discover Greek digging pants: The beaches are bustling during the summer, there are many interesting games that you can attend.

Relax in Barcelona: Dubbed the city that never sleeps, enjoy unique cuisine and a bustling life in a Roman-dating city.

Experience in London: A city that preserves the most unique cultural values ​​in the world. However the cost in London is quite expensive.

Fun in Berlin: Hiphop and the latest fashion styles are always updated here.

Fascinating in the historic city of Prague: A picturesque city, with a history of thousands of years.